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Principal Fellows Achievements

Below are just a few of the accomplishments of Principal Fellows.

** Principal Fellows are asked to email the Director with accomplishments Please include a picture if available.


Dr. Crystal Brown (Class 7)

Dr. Crystal Brown was the 2012-2013 Principal of the Year for Cumberland County Schools. Dr. Brown is currently the principal of Benjamin Martin Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a position she has held since 2010. Dr. Brown served as assistant principal of Cumberland Road Elementary School for four years. Dr. Brown has a bachelor's degree from East Carolina University, a Master of School Administration degree from Fayetteville State University and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from North Carolina State University.



Anna Moraglia (Class 7)

Anna Moraglia is the Principal of Park Road Montessori School in Charlotte, a position she has held since 2007. Under her leadership, Park Road Montessori was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 2012 and was recognized by Magnet Schools of America as a School of Excellence in 2011 and a School of Distinction in 2012. Anna received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an M.S.A. degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Masters of Arts in Montessori Leadership from Sarasota University.



Dr. Mellotta Hill (Class 8)

Dr. Mellotta Hill was the 2013-2014 Principal of the Year for Cumberland County Schools. Dr. Hill is the principal of Howard Hall Classical Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a position she has held since 2010. Dr. HIll began the position of principal in 2004 as the principal of Ferguson-Easley. Dr. Hill has a bachelor's degree from East Carolina University, a Master of School Administration degree and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Fayetteville State University.



Syreeta Smith (Class 10)

Syreeta Smith was the Wake County Public School System’s Assistant Principal of the Year for 2011-2012. Syreeta has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from North Carolina Central University and a M.S.A degree from North Carolina State University. She is currently the Principal at North Forest Pines, a year-round elementary school in Wake County.




Felisha Wyche (Class 10)

Felisha Wyche was the 2009-2010 Principal of the Year for Northampton County and received a Distinguished Leadership in Practice award in 2013. Felisha is the former principal of Northampton County High School in Roanoke Rapids. Presently she is the Director of Secondary Education and Accountability for Northampton County Schools. Felisha has a bachelor’s degree from Elizabeth City State University, and a Master of School Administration degree from East Carolina University. Felisha is a doctoral candidate at East Carolina University, her prospective graduation date May 2015.


Steve Lassiter (Class 15)

Steve Lassiter, Principal of Pactolus School in Greenville, N.C. is the 2014-15 Pitt County Farm Bureau Principal of the Year. Steve will compete in the regional principal of the year competition. Steve obtained a bachelor’s degree and his M.S.A. from East Carolina University and an Education Specialist degree from North Carolina State University. He is currently working on a doctoral degree at North Carolina State University.



Toby Cone (Class 12)

Toby Cone was the 2013-2014 Principal of the Year for Watauga County Schools. Toby is currently in his fifth year as principal of Cove Creek School in Watauga County. Prior to going to Cove Creek he was assistant principal at Parkway School in Watauga County. Toby has a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire and two master’s degrees from Appalachian State University, one in educational media and technology and one in school administration.



/kendrabrown.jpgKendra Brown (Class 15)

Kendra Brown participated as a Principal Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was recently admitted into their Doctor of Educational Leadership program.




CherieChandlerCherie Chandler (Class 14)

Cherie Chandler, a recent Principal Fellow graduate from North Carolina State University, has written a book about the unique experience of women as they develop throughout the years. Information about her book, I Am Beautiful, can be found by clicking here.





Fred Cook (Class 10)

Fred Cook attended Fayetteville State University completing a Master’s in School Administration in 2005. Fred serves with Bladen County Schools as a former assistant principal at West Bladen High School and Elizabethtown Middle School. Fred is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at East Bladen High School. The indescribably rigorous and extremely relevant material and assignments I was exposed to as a Principal Fellow uniquely prepared and filled with an immense level of confidence, pride and organizational skills. The cohort situation provided exposure to many great minds. The standard of excellence established within the cohort created a degree of passion for complete and total professionalism that has been rewarding and quite beneficial. In addition to being exposed to experienced, well-trained, creative, challenging, inspirational and supportive professors, the high level of expectation instilled in our minds by the university served to fuel our desire to be the very best we could be as representatives of the university, the MSA program, and the Principal Fellows Program. Without a doubt, the information gained from my instructors and my cohort has me prepared for any challenge that a school or a school system could ever throw at me. I find myself incredibly energized and capable of being student-oriented, supportive of my co-workers, compassionate, and understanding of parents, as well as very patient. Additionally, the cohort situation experienced in the Principal Fellows Program was actually good preparation for the challenges I will face in an Ed.D or Ph.D program.

shaundacooper.jpg /janettaylor.jpgShaunda Cooper (Class 16), Janet Taylor (Class 16)

Shaunda Cooper and Janet Taylor, Principal Fellows at North Carolina Central University, have been asked by the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Department at NCCU to provide consultation services to the NCCU Teaching Fellows. They will be training the Teaching Fellows in culturally sensitive classroom instruction, diversity in the classroom, and professionalism as an educator. They also served as mentors to the North Carolina Teaching Fellows on an educational trip to Costa Rica during the summer of 2010.


Dr. James V. Davis II, Ed.D. (Class 11)

James Davis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Principal Fellow, former Rowan-Salisbury Schools Principal, at China Grove Middle School; is currently an Associate Professor at High Point University. The PFP prepared me for a successful career as a school administrator. The program made me aware of current school conditions and helped me recognize ways that I could support students and teachers with various problems in numerous settings. The PFP also helped me build a foundation for a doctoral program which I recently completed. Recently, I was named the Wachovia 2011 Principal of the Year and I credit a great deal of my success to many factors, one of those factors being the Principal Fellows Program.


Melissa DavisMelissa Davis (Class 14)

Melissa Davis, Fayetteville State University Principal Fellow, has published
a children’s book to help families cope with life in the military. Growing
up in a military family, she is well aware of the different issues faced by
military children, especially the issue of relocation. More information
about her book, Home is Where the Army Sends You, can be found at this link:


Starr HodgesStarr Hodges (Class 17)

Starr Hodges, Principal Fellow at NC A&T State University, was awarded the MSA Program Edward B. Fort Leadership Award for Aspiring Leaders on Friday, March 30, 2012 at the Leadership Awards Reception at NC A&T State University.  The Edward B. Fort Leadership Awards were established to recognize NC A&T graduates of the MSA program who have contributed to the pursuit of excellence in education through effective leadership. Their contributions have had a positive impact on significant segments of public education as they have  exemplified a commitment to lifelong learning and demonstrated effective leadership.

Jeremiah McCluney(Class 13)

Jeremiah McCluney, Appalachian State University Principal Fellow, currently serving at Rutherford County Schools for thirteen years. Jeremiah was the former Assistant Principal at R-S Central and is the new Principal of Rutherford Early College High School. "I've always desired to be a part of a changing school." I am proud to be an alumni of the Principal Fellows professional learning community. PFP provided a wealth of opportunities for me to grow and learn as a school executive. Without the Principal Fellows Program, I would not have gained from the experience of working with a variety of school principals at different levels. The professional development and internships from the Program have broadened my thinking and shaped me into a much better administrator.


Jeff MossJeff Moss(Class 14)

Jeff Moss, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Principal Fellow, has been admitted into the Doctor of Education degree program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He began taking courses in the fall 2009 semester as a part time doctoral student.




Theresa Price(Class 16)

Theresa Price, an Appalachian State University Principal Fellow, was inducted into Appalachian State University Cratis D. Williams Society in spring 2011. Theresa was the only school administration major to be awarded this honor. This society recognizes the top 1-2% of graduate students.





Paul WilsonPaul Wilson (Class 14)

Paul Wilson, Western Carolina University Principal Fellow, received the Western Carolina University "Don Chalker Award for Excellence." This prestigious award is given to MSA students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and example while completing their MSA degree.




Judy Yeager (Class 7)

Judy Yeager, East Carolina University Principal Fellow, is currently employed with Onslow County Schools as the Director of Safe, Civil, and Caring Schools, Central Office. If it had not been for the North Carolina Principal Fellows Program, I would not have been able to participate in the MSA program. As a high school English teacher, driving three hours two or four nights a week would have been out of the question. The opportunity to develop as a professional on a full time basis was too good to pass up. The freedom to immerse myself in the program proved more beneficial than I expected. The internship year provided me with learning opportunities that part-time students never experience. As a result, I entered the administrative workforce more knowledgeable and more confident. I highly encourage anyone interested in pursuing a career in school administration to take advantage of the Principal Fellows opportunity.

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